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The mark

Once there was a king in a rich country. He had three beautiful daughters.
The first-born, Maya, had long black hair, and her heart had the same colour.
The second princess, Mina, had redbrown curls and a heart of stone.
The youngest one, Ayla, with light hair and a golden heart was living with the ostlers, because her father always got angry seeing her. His wife died at her birth and he put the blame to her.
He married again, the princess of his neighbour-country, but that was an intriguing person, and his two elder children didn't learn good things from her.

One day, when his daughters were already grown-up, the king and his wife went hunting. And it happened, that they were struck by lightning.
Maya wanted to rule over the country alone, but Mina was already controling some ministers. Both found words sweet like honey, and the aristocracy was split into two parts supporting one of the princesses.
As no party could gain the victory the conflict was carried to the common people. All was developing into a civil-war.

Ayla was very sad seeing that quarrels, but none of her friends knew an answer to dissolve the problem.
Therefore she took Winddancer, the quickest horse, to ride to the northern mountains having heard from wise elves there. After some days rushing she arrived. But how to find them?
She went into a cave, but the dvergars didn't want to hear anything of her problems.
Then she climbed to the tops of the mountains, but it was the same with the ghosts there, and also with the grumpy gnoms in the woods.
In a small valley Ayla drank from a spring and shed some tears.
First she didn't notice that a golden elf sat down beneath her.
He listened to her story and said: "The people must look into a mirror. It seems to be a task for the dragon; I'll wake him, 1000 years of sleeping should be enough."
And really, some minutes after that talk a whole mountain arised and started into the sky.

In the meanwhile the country was divided into two armys camping in opposite and getting ready for a big battle.
Suddenly the sky became dark; the big dragon flew over them burning a deep mark into the earth.
The result was a hot rift which noone could cross.

Maya, Mina and some of their best friends were confined on a small island surrounded from burning earth.
The shock they got seeing the gigantic dragon was so deep, that they couldn't think, and in an affect they fought with each other with hands and teeth. At the end both fell into the burning rift.

Although Ayla never requested for that she became the queen of the country, and soon there were built bridges over the everlasting mark to connect the peoples.

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