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It happened. A metallic field has been opened.

Forseen another planet becomes prepared to continue the experience-field. Visiting it I see the ground-structure, miles-long parallel metal-containing cords. Now they have to be filled with positive and negative accumulators and be closed hermetically. That way specific cosmic frequences can be captured and transmitted intensified to life at the planet.

Back I recognize the chaos and wisdom resulting from the opened fields. I hope the exploiting ambitions aren't opening the others in a too short time, 700000 years of accumulating have created very strong fields on this planet, called earth.

Problematical are the chaos-containing negative fields as nearly all beings would answer with a fighting mentality, and that's not the solution, that's binding them more and more.
I trust it will not escalade into a third burn; two burns in the past have left vast marks at earth.

I see the necessity of a love-generation, the only frequency to equalize it.
Therefore I have to create and hold a door to the other planet in a near galaxy, so that the spirits needing more polar experiencies can be led to their new place.

And there's also the black planet, far away in another cosmic globe. I don't stay one minute in its aura, I only create the doors, the way for few beings.

Wouldn't it be a challenge incarnating on earth to dissolve the polar fields?
And then staying a while in the loving wave.

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